Frequently seeing error loading page


I have been getting this get this message fairly regularly since the last major update (with Tidal in my case). Most of the time the message appears even although the album details do appear to have been loaded correctly. Choosing the ‘Reload page’ option gets rid of the erroneous message.

This may be linked to other problems I now have:

  1. Albums that I select sometimes just display a blank page - I have to page back then select the album a second time, at which point they appear successfully.

  2. Roon Radio (for discovery purposes) works perfectly from a music replay perspective. However, if I click on the small icon at the bottom which displays artist name, track etc, then around 30% of the time the page which ought to display further details is completely blank.

I have reported this along with my system details on a number of occasions, and have been told that it will be looked at, but there appears to have been no follow up in the months since then.

I know that the latest major Roon update has resolved a number of issues for some. However, it is particularly annoying for me since up until the update I had virtually absolutely no problems whatsoever.

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