Fresh install on KEF LS-50W

Howdy all, I tried searching but couldn’t find any answers relating…

I’m increasingly frustrated with the constant dropouts/stutters/etc when using Roon with my LS50Ws (mark I) as the endpoint. I am considering buying a Pi4 and installing RoPieee to fix this. My questions are:

  1. Can I use USB to connect the Pi to the LS50W? Looking through the Ropieee documentation it said something about a linux environment. This goes beyond my knowledge of the LS50Ws.

  2. Or is it the case that I must do another connection method?

  3. Finally, if I use the XL build, I’ll be able to Airplay and use Spotify Connect all to the same point without having to switch inputs on the LS50Ws?


I connected a PC and an SOtM via USB, can’t see why that wouldn’t work - I don’t think the upstream processing makes any difference

I use mine via Wi-Fi, but I had to relocate the hub to get a really strong signal to them

I use Bluetooth for tidal direct, but of course that means choosing the bt input on the LS50

Not sure if that helps you?

Thanks for the response, but I’m specifically asking whether the Raspberry Pi4 can connect via USB to the KEF LS50W speakers. I have previously connected the KEF to a USB output to a Mac, so I understand the capability in that respect.

I expect the Pi connecting via USB should work fine with the Gen 1 LS50W. Just make sure the KEF’s are not connected wirelessly to your network to avoid a network contention issue with Roon.

I’d be using the USB input, so effectively the network wouldn’t be activated on the KEFs? Or you think I should actively disable (through wrong password or something) the wifi?

Marcus, if the KEFs already are on your network, it may cause some confusion within Roon, although disabling the KEF’s AirPlay and KEF Streaming options should eliminate it. Alternatively, you could have your WiFi router “forget” the KEFs.

I would disable the KEFs’ AirPlay and KEF Streaming options in Roon and connect with Roon just via the Pi/USB connection. However, not sure how you turn on the KEFs unless they are on WiFi (I use my LSXv1 more than my LS50Wv1 right now, and they basically require WiFi to operate).

Does this help?

Ah I see. Disable them within Roon.

Yeah I just use the power button on the top of the unit to turn them on presently

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Let us know if this works for you

Update on this. Installation was perfectly straightforward (with more waiting time than expected). All service work well enough, except occasionally the Apple one boots off the user and claims someone else is connected when attempting to reconnect.

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