Fresh install, still dropping albums/recalculating


Since my last question to Support a lot have changed in my Roon environment.
As I couldn’t find the bottom reason for problems with old albums suddenly turning up a s new and the constant recalculation of albums, I had to do something drastic.

System prior to recent changes:
MacMini (i7, 16GB, SSD, latest OSX)
Drobo 5n
Airport Extreme (latest)
(All network units on dedicated set ip-adresses, no auto, everything is wired - no wireless))
Mytek Brooklyn via USB

Music in one big share, same as iTunes use.
Music added via iTunes.

System after recent changes:
MacMini (i7, 16GB, SSD, latest OSX)
Drobo 5n
Airport Extreme (latest)
(All network units on dedicated set ip-adresses, no auto, everything is wired - no wireless))
Mytek Manhattan II via USB

Complete erase of Roon and fresh install from scratch. Not from backup.

All music copied into a new share on the Drobo, completely free from any interference that iTunes might induce.
This is since I’ve noticed that iTunes is prone to touch the files and might be the reason to recalculation and setting albums as new even if they are not. I’ve gone through ALL files and cleaned up a lot of strange things using Metadatics to set correct metadata where I found errors. Cleaned out several duplicates of files. Re-ripped some files and/or albums that had errors according to Roon in skipped files list. It took about a week in all.

Result after change of setup:
Definitely more stable performance and at first no errors with old albums turning up as new.
Metadata seems more stable too. This was until I added some new albums.

New problem:
As soon as a new album is placed in the folder where music is stored Roon drops albums from the correct amount down to whatever it please. Say from 4508 down to 896 or 3428 or whatever.
Roon recalculates and find the same number of albums as before the new album was added to the folder i.e. the new album is NOT found. Takes 20 minutes to an hour or so each time.
If I restart Roon or force a rescan the new album will be found.
After rescan some old albums always turn upp as new again in between the actual new albums. Same as before.

Any ideas on why the albums drop happens and how to cure it since this means that Roon live watching of folders doesn’t really work? (New albums might turn up after a few hours if I don’t do a manual re-scan.)
Any ideas on why old albums turn up as new all the time, and how it always seem to be almost the same ones?

Happy for some answers/ideas!

When you reinstalled exactly what steps did you take to remove it, including all the database folders etc

I used Clean My Mac to wipe out everything related to the old install. rebooted and checked all files was gone everywhere, and they seems to be gone.
Do you think there might still be rests of that old install lying around somewhere?

I tried to add files to my music folder with Roon turned off. When I re-started Roon it started with just adding the new albums. It did NOT drop albums and recalculate. Could the system be “fragile” for some reason when it comes to checking the music folder live?

I would take a long, hard look at that Drobo. @brian has commented about its shortcomings here:

The new Drobos doesn’t work like that. I’ve had two older ones before that was a bit slow, but this new one is nowhere near that slow, in fact I can’t se any difference between my Drobo and my friends Synology when it comes to speed.

Not owning a Drobo myself, I’ll have to go by your word on that. :slight_smile:

Anyway – since you already flagged support, I’m sure @eric will be around to get to the bottom of this with you.

Yes, I guess they will have enough info by now to say if it is Drobo related or something in the way Roon is working.