Friday music updates

Could Roon have more frequent internal library/metadata updates on Friday when new music is usually released?

An example: Pearl Jam: Gigaton was released today, present for the whole day on Tidal, now is 5pm CET and it’s still not on Roon (it’s not offered in new releases, it’s not present in search and there is no difference if marked as favorite on Tidal).

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It takes time for the providers Tidal/Qobuz to provide the metadata to roon, get it across and put it in roon. There will always be a delay.

Where there is a will, there is a way…

This is not a time critical activity.

On Friday it pretty much is. I look forward to new music from artists I follow and I get impatient…

Oh yes it is! :slight_smile:

Add it as a favourite in the TIDAL/Qobuz app then go into Roon settings->services and sync your streaming account

In my initial post I wrote that doesn’t work…

Same here…not showing anywhere in Roon/Qobuz, but is in the Qobuz app…and favoriting it doesn’t bring it into Roon. Bummer! Listening to it via Apple Music on an Apple TV connected to the hi-fi instead. Qobuz needs an Apple TV app like Tidal has!

Did you sync as @Tim_Rhodes suggests? And have you tried again later?

When it appeared on Roon, it appeared immediately (at about 7pm CET). When it was present only on Tidal, but not on Roon, sync didn’t do anything.

And the worst part is - except for singles, the album is ■■■■■ :frowning:

Y’all are a bunch of dinosaurs, listening to Pearl Jam and expecting technology to actually work for you!