From Roon to Roon Rock

Dear, I have Roon for life and use it on an external ssd connected to a Synology Nas (6gb) I wish to change this to work with a NUC with Roon Rock.
Is Roon Rock an additional cost, and can I transfer Roon + bib that is now on the ssd to a NUC?

ROCK can be downloaded for nothing. Your best course of action is to backup your Roon install and do a fresh ROCK install on the NUC. Then do a restore from the backup and analysis and edits should be preserved.

There’s no extra cost involved, other than perhaps hardware. Whether you can redeploy the SSD depends on its size and type, determined by the NUC (or other) hardware you chose.

Here is the Getting started KB:
And how to migrate:

thx Mike & Henry, i will save this information this information for the near future. I wonder if it would be an upgrade for my setup that contains a Metrum Ambre + Adagio