Frustrated with Roon's sound quality vs Lunin Minimserver app

My LUMIN U1 Mini made a significant improvement compared to connecting my DAC directly to the MacMini via USB. I replaced the noisy USB connection and circuitry of the MacMini with the quiet, audiophile in mind LUMIN USB. But if you’re going Ethernet to your Teac now, I can’t say what level of improvement, if any, there will be. Try to demo a unit and make sure it is burned in well.

Glad to hear adding the switch helped. Good luck!

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I have one more week to decide it I keep Roon and apply my first year subscription to lifetime membership.
I like Roon user interface a lot, just like you Stephen, I think I will keep Roon as I get it closer to the sound I prefer, and continue to find ways to improve hardware interface, streamer, DAC, etc…
At least with what i have now i can switch back and forth between Roon and Lumin app when I want to hear better sonic presentation of each platform.

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It could very be the case that the poor sound quality you are experiencing has nothing to do with Roon but instead that of your core streaming. I first approached Roon by way of Tidal. When using Tidal you have three choices of how you want to enjoy streaming. Your first choice is the cheapest where sound quality is basic and wouldn’t be enjoyed by audiophile. The second choice says HI FI. Here the sound improved but still not audiophile quality. I was getting really frustrated and thought maybe I should click on the third choice which is “Master”. At first I thought Master would suggest spending more money for a further improvement and was somewhat reluctant to click. Any way the long and short of all this I clicked on the “Master” and every thing just popped into place. The sound was opened with all the subtle nuances air and space I was now in audiophile nirvana. This was great especially since clicking on “master” didn’t cost any extra payment. So you really need to check your streaming source (core). As the old saying goes rubbish in rubbish out. Good luck!


Have you downloaded and updated the TEAC’s software to assure that it is running the latest firmware that is ROON certified. I have almost the same setup as you, same DAC and all and ROON sounds wonderfully clear with great soundstage, no issue at all. The improvement in sound between pre firmware update and the update was night and day. The only other issue I can think of is the length of your runs. My Network is in the room above my music room so the cat drop is straight down to the basement and then up into the room above. Much shorter run but still there is some length to it. My guess is you are not running ROON through the TEAC with the Firmware updated properly.

Are you 100% you streaming via RAAT and not Airplay? As you have posted no images of your signal path or settings it’s very difficult to tell what your doing.

I agree, that swapping Ethernet cables could be your solution, and I would also experiment with the many options that Roon offers in the preferences. Maybe post your settings, and we could offer suggestions.

I didn’t like the sound of Roon core when running on a pc. Moving it to a sonicTransporter improved Roon significantly.

Above are copies of setting.

Why are you converting Redbook to DSD?

I was trying to turn off the DSD64 conversion but could not find how I could do it.

Looks like it might be a setting in the DAC - show us the settings for the DAC.

Use the buttons on the front panel

The setting on the DAC was Upscale =Off and Filter (PCM) =Off.
Even if I changed Upscale to DSD512 the signal chain still displayed the signal was upscaled to DSD64.

Try factory reset using the front panel buttons

Just wondering how you performed the A/B/C test.
Did you accurately measured the dB’s?

Thanks Peter Lie, I reset the Teac and it works! It removed the DSD64 upscale option.

I start to like the Roon SQ after all the little tweaks and long burn-in time, I hear a bit more detail, 3D with expanded sound stage, analog like sound. A bit warm and smooth overall, but it could be due to my Purist Audio cables, all tube pre-amp and amp set up. I may need to tweak further to mix/match components.

Thanks to all who provided comments, input, and suggestions.