Frustrated with WAV download meets album only matching result

Managing 5 discs and 50 tracks of mix of artists is so painful especially your hit is almost empty information, how can I import the file name into meaningful information that ROON can understand?

PTC5186791 ; Catalog Number
01 : Disc Number
01 : Track Number
Debussy Six Epigraphes antiques I Pour invoquer Pan.wav : Title

PTC5186791_01_01_Debussy Six Epigraphes antiques I Pour invoquer Pan.wav
PTC5186791_01_02_Debussy Six Epigraphes antiques II Pour un tombeau.wav
PTC5186791_01_03_Debussy Six Epigraphes antiques III Pour que la nuit.wav
PTC5186791_01_04_Debussy Six Epigraphes antiques IV Pour la danseuse.wav
PTC5186791_01_05_Debussy Six Epigraphes antiques V Pour l Egyptienne.wav
PTC5186791_01_06_Debussy Six Epigraphes antiques VI Pour remercier.wav
PTC5186791_01_07_Ravel Sheherazade I Asie.wav
PTC5186791_01_08_Ravel Sheherazade II La flute enchantee.wav
PTC5186791_01_09_Ravel Sheherazade III L indifferent.wav
PTC5186791_01_10_Lalo Le Roi d Ys overture.wav
PTC5186791_01_11_Dukas Polyeucte overture.wav
PTC5186791_01_12_Ravel Daphnis et Chloe suite no 2 Lever du jour.wav
PTC5186791_01_13_Ravel Daphnis et Chloe suite no 2 Pantomime.wav
PTC5186791_01_14_ Ravel Daphnis et Chloe suite no 2 Danse generale.wav
PTC5186791_02_01_Blacher Paganini Variations for Orchestra.wav
PTC5186791_02_02_Wagner Tannhaeuser Overture and Bacchanal.wav
PTC5186791_02_03_Strauss Salome Dance of the Seven Veils.wav
PTC5186791_02_04_Schumann Manfred Overture op 115.wav
PTC5186791_02_05_Strauss Don Juan symphonic poem op 20.wav
PTC5186791_03_01_Ligeti Melodien fuer Orchester.wav
PTC5186791_03_02_Zimmermann Photoptosis.wav
PTC5186791_03_03_Bartok Violin Concerto no 2 1939 Andante sostenuto.wav
PTC5186791_03_04_Bartok Violin Concerto no 2 1939 Allegro giocoso.wav
PTC5186791_03_05_Holliger Five Trakl Songs I Ein Winterabend.wav
PTC5186791_03_06_Holliger Five Trakl Songs II Nachtlied.wav
PTC5186791_03_07_Holliger Five Trakl Songs III Rondel.wav
PTC5186791_03_08_Heinz Holliger Five Trakl Songs IV Untergang.wav
PTC5186791_03_09_Holliger Five Trakl Songs V Trompeten.wav
PTC5186791_03_10_Berg Passacaglia.wav
PTC5186791_04_01_Stravinsky Les Noces tableau 1 At the Bride.wav
PTC5186791_04_02_Stravinsky Les Noces tableau 2 At the Bridegroom.wav
PTC5186791_04_03_Stravinsky Les Noces tableau 3 Departure of the Bride.wav
PTC5186791_04_04_Stravinsky Les Noces tableau 4 The Wedding Meal.wav
PTC5186791_04_05_Rachmaninov The Isle of the Dead symphonic poem.wav
PTC5186791_04_06_Stravinsky Le Sacre Introduction.wav
PTC5186791_04_07_Stravinsky Le Sacre Les Augures printaniers.wav
PTC5186791_04_08_Stravinsky Le Sacre Jeu du rapt.wav
PTC5186791_04_09_Stravinsky Le Sacre Rondes printanieres.wav
PTC5186791_04_10_Stravinsky Le Sacre Jeu des cites rivales.wav
PTC5186791_04_11_Stravinsky Le Sacre Cortege du sage.wav
PTC5186791_04_12_Stravinsky Le Sacre Adoration de la terre.wav
PTC5186791_04_13_Stravinsky Le Sacre Introduction seconde partie.wav
PTC5186791_04_14_Stravinsky Le Sacre Cercles mysterieux.wav
PTC5186791_04_15_Stravinsky Le Sacre Glorification de l elue.wav
PTC5186791_04_16_Stravinsky Le Sacre Evocation des ancetres.wav
PTC5186791_04_17_Stravinsky Le Sacre Action rituelle des ancetres.wav
PTC5186791_04_18_Stravinsky Le Sacre Danse sacrale.wav
PTC5186791_05_01_Doret Les Armaillis Act I.wav
PTC5186791_05_02_Doret Les Armaillis Act II.wav
PTC5186791_05_03_Doret Les Armaillis Act III.wav

Well, a couple of things: first, WAV file tagging is notoriously bad, second, your files don’t appear to have been tagged, third, the filenames are a bit cryptic as well! Your downloaded files are going to need a bit of work before presenting to Roon. I‘m unfortunately no classical expert, but I thing you’re going to need an external program to fix the tags, there are some tips here: File Tag Best Practice.

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The wav file have no tagging inside at all, I input disc number and track number, cover image, and album name myself, in order the Roon can get matching result but the frustration is the matching from ROON itself have no track titles information to fill in the remaining gap, if I input 50 titles myself manually so getting Roon for what?

Yes, it can be a tiresome task, but your beef is with Pentatonemusic (or their supplier), who didn’t bother tagging the files in the first place. Roons job is to take those tags and “enhance” them, but as the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. Not Roons fault.

Have a look at SongKong, which is an automatic tagging program, it may be able to help.

i tried MusicBrainz as well, no hit, and all music guide gives empty entry as well, so I’m going to tag 50 files one by one…

Look nicer after 30 mins edit in one disc…