Frustrating search, filtering, metadata and UX issues

Roon Core Machine

Using Roon Server on Windows 11 Laptop and Roon client on Windows 11 PC no performance or connection issues or audio issues. All my issues are related to the Search, Metadata from Tidal, Add to Library, Filters and other general UX issues.

Description of Issue

I’m genuinely frustrated right now, to the point of having spend almost 4 hours just today trying to look for a Roon alternative from so much frustration.

My issues are better explained with a single example but this happens a lot with many things.

Example 1:
Lets do a search of a song I heard outside of Roon and want to add it to my library.
Search: please solarstone
Here “please” is the name of the song and I added “solarstone” the artist/composer to reduce my search results. Here is the result:

Not the result expected like 70% of the time I search anything in Roon.

But I know the song exists in Tidal because I searched for it using Tidal’s Web App and found it right away. In fact I found multiple version of it.

Ok well. Lets not use search. Lets go directly to the artist, set the view to Recordings and just filter search by name: “please” (at this point that’s exactly what I want “please” let tell me I can find it through this at least):


Ok… I guess I could sort by title name and just MANUALY scroll to search for the song…

YES!!! Finally. Lets go to the album and now add it.

Uhhmmm Why is it still loading? I can’t add it to my liked album or like any songs… Let me see if it was actually added to my album because from this screen it doesn’t seem like it did.

Oh it did thank go! lets open it and like the songs I want.


Example 2
Ok lets search for a remix I want to safe to my library.

Great at least this time I got something. Lets go in Hearts Connected album which I know has the song I’m looking for and add.

Wait… I can’t even see what song is what remix!? How am I supposed to select the one I want!?

Secondly maybe even more frustrating this isn’t even the correct album. There are two albums with the same name but different contents one that has the Extended remixes (the one I Roon found) and another with all remixes (the one I was looking for). Lets see how this search looks in Tidal:

and the album with the song I was looking for:

This is just a normal day using Roon. I’m not even gonna talk about the half baked ARC that keeps saying complaining from “Poor connection” and doesn’t work half the time.

Sorry for the Typos. I can’t even fix them because even tho I was able to post this I can’t edit because of an error in the page. Amazing.

I take it you don’t like the new and improved search?
I feel ya.


I wish it was only the Search, but in these two examples of the same day, the search, the filter in the artist, the adding of the albums and even the title names of the songs where all wrong. I just don’t understand how this user experience is acceptable.


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