Frustrations are back

Hi All

I tired Roon once before and got quite frustrated with it, Its been a while - and I tunes is not really cutting it for my music collection, so I thought I’d give room another go

But I still find it quite irritating

I have un installed - re installed several times so far. I’ve excluded folders, merged folders ad nausea . still can’t get it looking right.

so one last try, life is too short to wast time on this - I should be enjoying the music

I have now removed the offending folders outside my main collection ( so they don’t get scanned )
I have un installed roon
re insatlled roon - biy it still finds my previous scan
I removed the music folder from settings

What more can i do ?

Please help


What you’re describing is in my experience atypical of a Roon encounter. Please describe your setup - what OS are you running, where is Roon Server installed, where is your music stored, are the offending albums appropriately tagged according to Roon’s guidelines for multi disc sets etc?

Once you’ve provided this info we’ll be in a better position to diagnose and assist.

Hi Evan

Im running room in a MAC OS X Yosemite 16GB 1600 MHZ DDR3 - which is where the room server is installed
The music ( at the moment ) is on a External HD and will be backed to a NAS Drive eventually

I spent Months organising my Tag data and made sure that all cover art was there - I tested this in iTunes knowing how picky it was .

My music collection is Music - Artist - Album

Quite a simple structure I thought, this works in Foobar on my Parallel windows , but want to use the mac

any guidance would be appreciated


It might help us to help you if you could illustrate some examples of it “not looking right” and “offending folders” with some screenshots?

Hi Evan

What I would like to do Ideally is if the tags look wrong , remove the offending album - repair the tag and put it back into Roon, Is this possible ?

I have found " hide Album " and " Merge Album " and this has helped some odd albums
like ABBA - Waterloo was in two as some of the tracks had some info that was different.

I notice that the " Delete album " wants to remove from HD - don’t really want that

So what if I repaired the files and re scan ? - How could I remove all the data from Roon and start afresh ?

I,ve already paid for a year sub so want this to work, hopefully with some help from users


I’d suggest heeding the others’ advice about providing more detailed info and screenshots, but yes, what you’re asking is definitely possible. If the embedded track metadata is faulty, you can often fix this in a good tag editor and Roon will (often) automagically update itself with no further intervention on your part.

On the Mac, I like Yate as a good tag editor, but there are many options available. Note that for a few reasons, iTunes isn’t a great choice for evaluating/editing embedded metadata; that is, if you want the metadata to work well in another application…

Hi David

I’ve been experimenting most of the day (trying one thing, if that don’t work - removing library and start again).

I think I have found the offending folders and have moved them outside the main folder, this did not work, so I " Reset " and " excluded " the folders from the scan.

so… now Roon is rescanning.

I will let it finish and try to repair the tags (I’m using Metadatics).

Thanks for all your help.

Is there a way of finding the file location from Roon when the track is - so I know I’m editing the correct file?

Will let you know how I get on.

Many thanks

In Roon, long press (click and hold) on the track in question, and some track-specific options will appear in a bar at the top of the screen. Touch the three vertical dots and select “View File Info…” from the pop-up menu. You should see the storage location and file path in the resultant dialog.

I do like Roon and I’ve been messing about with it for a few days - and I’m getting to know it better
There is a lot of work to do on tying things up - after just getting everything sorted for iTunes and now changing to to Roon - I just don’t know if it’s in me!

The Roon Knowledge Base can reduce the learning curve.