FS: 2 x Raspberry Pi 4 with Audio Card, AC

Not sure if I’m allowed to post this here, but we’ve kind of moved on to other things… I have two nice Rasp Pi 4 interfaces with the upgraded Digi Pro 2 hats and upgraded AC adapters. All programmed plug and play. Both have fancy cases. Can provide pictures looking for reasonable offers CONUS shipping [email address removed]

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Thanks! I guess I didn’t scroll far down enough!

but where’s the link :wink:

There’s no link because I have not posted anything beyond this forum. I have two Pi 4s with two Pro Digi hats in two cases. Each one has the upgraded $50 iFi iPower Low Noise DC Power Supply. They are both set up for Roon. I’m happy to send you photographs if you like… I’ve not used this forum before I figured that folks would just reach out to me. I seem to remember that each one cost about $200 bucks with the power supply and the parts.

Sorry about the confusion, it was a light hearted repost to Ged as usually, when a post is moved to a different category, a link to that post is included by the moderator.