FS: 2x Mac Mini

I have 2 MAC mini’s for sale, I was using them as Roon servers.

1 is a late 2012 i7 2.3 Gig with 8 GB memory, a 60 GB SSD for operating system and a 1 TB hard drive for music, it is boxed and in good condition. £450

the other is a mid 2011 i5 2.3 Gig with 8 GB memory, a 60 GB SSD for operating system and a 1 TB hard drive for music, it is in good condition but with no box. £350

Seems I may have been a bit high on prices here so just dropped them.

Hi @NickB

I’m interested to buy one of your
1 is a late 2012 i7 2.3 Gig with 8 GB memory, a 60 GB SSD for operating system and a 1 TB hard drive for music, it is boxed and in good condition.
If it’s still for sale?
You write that your dropped the price, but not to what?

I’m living in Sweden but it shouldn’t be any problems to send it to me!
Is it possible to change the power to 220-240V?
Please answer me here or send me a PM.

All the best Anders

FYI macmini will run from 100-240VAC no settings needed. Thats quite an old sales post…

Anders you can try the apple refurbished sales for a macmini or OWC (macsales.com) as they often have units available.

Hi, I still have the i5 but the i7 one is gone. I changed the prices in the advert so the price shown is the correct one.


Hi, so you still have your i5 for sale and the price is 350USD.
Have you used it yourself to running Roon on it and it’s no problem?
Here in Sweden a new with the same configuration cost around 550USD, and it’s for a new one, you’re is 7 year old okay I now that Mac isn’t like a pc! The pc running slower and slower but the Mac running the same all the time!
How many usb out do it have, and other kind of connection does it have?

From the original post…

Thanks @PixelPopper
I missed that, so thanks for your reminding me!

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OK lets explain. This is not a standard new style mac mini and you are only able to do what I have done to the 2011/2012 mac mini’s. It has had the hard drive replaced with a two hard drive holder with a 60 GB SSD for the operating system and a space for another drive which in this case is a 1 TB standard disk drive. So you benefit from the speed of the SSD and the large capaciy available to standard hard drives. And the price was £350 not dollars.

Okay, thanks Nick @NickB
It’s sounds great :+1:
But what is the outputs and how many of each?
Can you send it Sweden and how does you want to get paid, PayPal or?


Hi Anders

It has on the back from left to right.

Power switch
Power socket (small figure of 8)
Network port
Firwire port
4 x USB
SD Card

Paypal or bank transfer are OK.

Hi Nick,

It’s sounds great and it’s enough with ports out.
I don’t have time to make the deal until next week, I hope that’s okay for you?
(I have been sick for a longtime)!
So I shall to the hospital for blood tests and CT X-ray today.
I will send you a PM with PayPal and my address…

Hi Anders, sorry to hear you’re unwell, hope you’re feeling better soon.


Sorry Nick, didn’t mean to hijack your sales post, but seemed like it was a long shot for Anders that they might still be available. Glad you got hooked up.

Thanks Paul :+1:

Hi Anders, No problem at all and I am also very sorry to hear you have been unwell. One of the guys in our local Audio group is very ill at the moment and one of the things that makes life bearable for him is listening to his music, I hope yours gives you the same pleasure.

My PayPal email address is nickdbaker(@)mac.com and I will include insured delivery to you in the price of £350.

Sorry missed your PM, no problem the deal is off as i5 not powerful enough apparently.

Hi Nick,

Sorry to hear.
Music keeps me also going, it’s got healing power.

Nick I also believe that a i5 processor is enough, I have it now and it’s on a 9 years Pc laptop!
So if it’s working to run the Roon Core, will a i5 processor on a Mac that is 6-7 years!
So forget my PM, sorry I’m not working so well today after the hospital visit!
Can I contact you on Monday? So does we make the deal okay?

All the best and wish you a great weekend,

Yes no problem, have a great weekend yourself.

Hi Nick @NickB

Sorry for my delayed answer but I have not been well.
I just wonder what you mean by “but with no box”?
Is it the original package box or?

This is just a try but, the pound has gone up 1-2 SEK/£ since you put up your 2 MAC Mini for sale!
Will you take my offer on 300£?
If you do it so can you send me your email address, on a message/PM.
So will I pay in the money on PayPal today!
How do we about the shipping cost to Sweden?

All the best