FS: Allo Digione Player and Digione Signature Player

Selling my barely used Digione and Digione Signature players.
The Digione has the RPi4 2gb with clear acrylic case. $125 + shipping

Digione Sig is the RPi4 1gb in the black/dark acrylic case. $300 + shipping

All come with the standard PSU

Still available?

@Michael_Green Yes, still available

Would you mind telling me the major differences. My DAC is a RME. Also have a Schiit Modius. Do I really need the clean power board on the signature?

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Hi, is the digione available?
Would you consider to ship overseas vía usps?

I’m interested in the DigiOne Player, new to this community so the buying process eludes me but I guess step 1 is do you still own it? Thanks.

Hi yes, still got it

Hi Juan, sure, if you’re willing to pay for the shipping

Write me at the email address in my profile, I’m will buy the DigiOne player.

Has this Allo One Signature been sold?

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Hi @Michael_Hoban not yet. I just sold the Digione, though.

What are you looking for the Allo One Signature and shipping to California?

Both are sold now.