FS: Allo Digione streamer and ifi 5v PSU [SOLD]

I am selling a few bits and bobs at the moment, with a few items on ebay, but I thought my Allo Digione streamer (https://allo.com/sparky/digione-player.html) and ifi 5V PSU would sell to the Roon crowd more easily as it is a well known quality streamer.

Anyway, I built the streamer myself with a RaspberyPI 3+, and the Digione board and lovely metal case from Allo. The case is a tight fit though and I did initially have some issues in connecting the PSU. In the end, I trimmed the cable to enable it to fit. I have tried to get a couple of shots so you can see, it is only the plastic sheath on the cable that has been trimmed and it has worked like this for over a year. I have run the streamer with Ropieee recently and Dietpi in the past. I will include a 16gb mem card in the sale.

I put the device originally together for around £200, and the psu is £49. I am looking for £150 for both the streamer and the PSU (or nearest offer) + shipping.

Paypal or BACS.

UK only sale.

I am happy to take more pictures if that is helpful.

Thanks for looking.

Offer made by PM. Sold.