FS: Allo USBridge and Shanti LPS [SOLD]

I just upgraded to a Denafrips Gaia so I’m selling my approx 18-months old USBridge and Shanti linear power supply along with a grounding strap and a 32GB micro-SD card (currently formatted for Ropieee). New condition.

List is $398. Selling for $250 and I’ll pay UPS ground shipping within continental USA. I will accept PayPal payment ONLY. Price is firm, so please no lowball offers.

No one wants this equipment for this price?

OK, so the first person to send me proof that they have donated $250 to the following organization will get this equipment shipped to their continental USA address for free:

You get a tax deduction which makes this already reasonable deal even cheaper. And Doorways has a two for one match right now, so your $250 donation will get them $750. Sweet deal all around, right?

I will verify with Doorways that you donated and then ship the equipment to you.

I will leave this offer up for two weeks and then withdraw this equipment from here.

Any takers??


Hi if you could ship to South Africa I would be keen spending on shipping fee?

Thanks, but I am only shipping to the continental USA. International shipping these days is just too difficult unless you are a business, and I’m not. Sorry.

Is this still available for purchase?

Yes, it is.

I’ll take it, do you want to message me with your PayPal information or a PayPal invoice

is the upgrade noticeable ? is it really worth it?