FS: Allo USBridge [SOLD]

(simon arnold) #1

I have an AlloUSBridge for sale, brand new bridge board, 6 month old Sparky board, alluminium case, Allo psu diet pi installed. £110+ pp

(simon arnold) #2

Reduced £100 +pp

(Viv K) #3

Hi Simon.
I am a new user, but am interested in buying your USBridge, if still available.


(simon arnold) #4

Yep it’s still available. What would you like to know?

(Viv K) #5

Have you used separate power supplies to power Sparky & the USBridge section?
Do you have any recommendations for linear power supply for it?
If it’s in working order, I’m happy to buy it, Simon.
Just let me know what I need to do.


(simon arnold) #6

I did use two PSUs for a while but never noticed anything improved so went back to the stock one. I am not really up on linear PSUs either I just don’t see the point but YMMV .

Best switch to pm if you want to buy it and we can work the hows in their rather than on the open forum.