FS: Amazing Roon Server with LPS, JCAT USB, EUPHONY OS license

Have upgraded my server to Antipodes CX + EX combo and hence selling my current server. This server has served me really well.

If you are using a NUC, this will be a mindblowing upgrade for sure.


Here are the specs:

Streacom FC10 fanless chassis
Processor : Ryzen 7 2700 8 core processor. I used HQPlayer DSD 256 processing and the processor was loaded at around 50% and it was very much capable.
Separate linear power supplies (12V, 19V and 5V) for motherboard, processor and JCAT USB card.

It also comes with the HDPlex 200 with 4 Linear power supply outputs (variable). So in the future if you decide to add a Femto network card, it can have its own power supply.

  • 19V via XLR (10A)
  • 12V via XLR (10A)
  • Variable 3.3V – 15V via XLR (2A)
  • Variable 3.3V – 15V via XLR (2A)

Comes with EUPHONY OS (fully licensed). Euphony is one of the best linux based audiophile OS and there is a huge thread on this OS in computer audiophile forum.

Available for demo at my place in Boston