FS: Arcam irDac II DAC [SOLD]

Selling my trusty Arcam as I now have simplified my system so its surplus to requirements, Also throwing in a Chord C-Line USB cable. It handles upto DSD128 384/32 PCM via USB and 192/24 via Coaxial and 96/24 via optical. On some linux OS this is limited to DoP though for DSD. Diet Pi added full DSD native support to their drivers though on my request… Great sounding DAC in excellent condition and has original packaging.

£250 including delivery UK only please


Could you tell me your new setup?

PM if you prefer.



I just got a Bluesound Node 2 and using its internal DAC to my Actives. Before I had an Allo USBridge and this DAC plus a pi running Ropieee for now playing. Now it’s just the Bluesound straight to me Qacoustic BT3 Actives more WAF. Not necessarily any better sounding intact I prefer the Arcam overall it’s just I’m trying to simplify everything and this was an affordable way to do it

Thanks Simon