FS: Bel Canto Design DAC3.3 + VBS-1 + REFStream Complete Package

This set comprises my former Bel Canto reference system components. (I now use the Bel Canto e-one Stream in my main system.) The DAC is is marked as a DAC3 but has a red sticker and a 24/192 sticker on the rear to denote the upgrades to a DAC 3.3 personally performed by John Stronczer, CEO and founder of Bel Canto (I was there myself and saw him make the upgrades). The DAC runs on Bel Canto’s virtual battery system VBS-1 which is fed via FireWire from the Bel Canto REFStream box. That is turn connects to your home network via Ethernet.

This package of goodies originally was $7,485 together. Yours for less than half of that — $2,995.

See further details here: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa498f-bel-canto-design-dac3-3-vbs-1-refstream-complete-package-da-converters

Thanks. JCR

Bumping back up for your consideration. JCR