FS: Bluesound Speakers

I have 3 speakers and 1 battery pack for sale. Rather than listing separately I’ve listed them all here so if you are interested then please send a PM. Happy to discuss costs if you want to purchase more than one item.

  1. Bluesound Pulse Mini 2. I have 1 of these available - looking for £175.

  2. Bluesound Pulse Flex 2. I have 2 of these available - looking for £100 each.

  3. Bluesound Pulse Flex Battery Pack. I have 1 of these available - looking for £30.

All items are in very good condition and look like new. I have original packaging.

I am based in Somerset, UK. Estimated postage costs to UK would be around £15 for the Pulse Mini and £8 each for the Pulse Flex.

Please note that they are Version 2 and NOT 2i - this means that they work fine with Roon and with the Bluesound App but they do not have Airplay. I’ve used 2 of these (the Mini and Flex) on a wireless connection with Roon and they have been very stable - not experienced any dropouts - I think that problems reported on the Roon Forum with Wifi were usually with the newer (2i) versions.

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