FS: BOLTZ CD storage

Having recently moved my CD collection to cabinet storage the following Boltz CD600 in Clear varnish + CD600 extension, Total capacity 1200 CD’s is for sale.

More detail at:- https://boltz.com/cd-floor-rack-600.html

There is a further CD600 + CD300 extension available soon (capacity 900 CDs).These items will be dissembled for shipping but they are made of steel so are VERY HEAVY.

Collection is preferred but if a purchaser would like to arrange transportation I will ensure the racks are well packed & protected.

I am open to reasonable offers.

You might like to say where you are located :open_mouth: (not everyone will click on your info) and a guide to the original price for an offer that wont offend :blush:

Fair Point, when I bought the racks, about 5 years ago, they were imported from the USA at around £450 per CD600 (+ shipping). These are currently selling in the UK, from Amazon, at around £330 including shipping.

The racks are located at my home (see Profile) and I won’t be offended by offers.



Actually we specifically ask members not to, see

Oops…I missed that one, but knew there was one about contact info. Not sure why location is not allowed but so be it :blush:

I stand corrected.