FS: Chord Blu Mk 2 (M Scaler, CD Transport) [SOLD]

Cross posting here from CA forum.

The Blu MkII is a compact, FPGA-based upsampling CD transport which offers the world’s most advanced filter technology. Used with DAVE, Hugo 2 or TT2 the combination delivers class-leading CD sound quality and technical performance for DACs.

This was a personal purchase. I bought it new last fall, looks brand new and in perfect working condition. It comes with all the original accessories and the original packaging. I used it primarily with USB input, but occasionally used the CD transport as a reference to test my digital front end.

Asking $6500, US only, Ships free and insured. (Will entertain reasonable offers)

Find details and pictures here: https://superphonica.com/all-products/components-digital/digital-to-analog-converters-dac/chord-blu-mk-2-the-ultimate-cd-transport/

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