FS: Chord Electronics Hugo 2+2Go+2Yu set in black + Van Nuys leather case [SOLD]

Looking to sell my brand new Hugo 2+2Go and black Van Nuys genuine leather case. 2Yu is one month old.

All units are black and in full working order. Full retail packaging+proof of purchase will be provided.

Drop me a PM for more info!

Hi, not sure if this is still going but is the Van Nuys leather case the one for Hugo2Go rather than just Hugo 2? If so, very interested.

Yes. Now long gone, I’m afraid.

Thanks for letting me know. Would you mind letting me know where you found the Hugo2Go Van Nuys leather case? I’ve been hunting high and low for ages…with no luck. Cheers.

If everything is sold please ask mods to close the thread, :+1:t3:

@mods please close the thread.