FS: Dutch&Dutch 8C Active Speakers [SOLD]

Hello ,

Selling a pair of D&D 8C. My pair has the famous ROON update.
White front with dark brown cabinette.

List price : 12 000 euro.
Price: 8600 Euro. Shipping within Europe included.

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Hi, why are you selling them?

The D&D8C is to date the best sounding speakers ive had in my room.

Ive had them for a while . I love them , and it’s with a tear in my eyes I’m letting them go . I just want to try something new. For those who know me, I like to try out new stuff .

Nothing bad at all to say about the DD8C . They are truly amazing. But I want a bigger monitor.

Bigger? Bass not enough for you with the D&Ds?

Plenty of bass . Bigger as in physical size . And to try something else :slight_smile:

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Hello ,

Speakers !!! SOLD !!!

To a very happy new owner !