FS: Fidelizer Cisco "audiophile" network switch

Greetings, Everything has sold except the switch! 5. Fidelizer Cisco "audiophile" network switch (new Dec '19) with iFi linear power supply: $300 PM me for offers. I will cover shipping (US only). thanks, Doug
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What is your Location?

Northern Virginia!

I’d like the Teddy Pardo. I understand if you need to wait a few days to see if anyone wants the entire set.


Yes let’s give it a few days I’m updating my post above and see if any takers on bigger chunks, otherwise will just start selling things off individually! Appreciate the interest!

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Note: price lowered on nucleus plus and pics added!

Hi Vincent,

Are you still interested in the Teddy Pardo power supply? Happy to close the deal. The Nucleus Plus just sold.


Yes, absolutely.

PM will be sent in a few minutes.

Off topic posts have been deleted. Please only discuss the For Sale items.


Lmao…I wonder what discussions may have occurred here that warranted deletion? Given there’s only a handful of posts - what on earth could have been so distracting? Never ceases to amaze…

Nucleus+ was of interest to me…congrats on the sale Douglas.

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