FS: Intel NUC 6i5SYH with Rock installed

Following on from the two high spec 8i5s from my recent haul of Intel NUCs, this is the lowest spec - and least expensive. It is one of Roon’s supported models.

It’s a 6th generation dual core i5 which means it has a touch more processing power than the current 7i3 Nucleus, which means it makes a great Roon Core unless you want to do a lot of upsampling or have a large library.

That said when I tested it - it up sampled to DSD 256 reliably at 1.3x.

This is in the Intel case it came in, which has some scratches (you can see in the photos), and it has Intel’s fan - which is pretty quiet unless you push the machine. I cleaned out the dust from the fan before I tested it - and had it scanning my library using all the cpu for more than a day which pushed it pretty hard. For good measure I also did my upsampling test at the same time, and it all worked perfectly.

The machine comes with 16G memory on 2 chips (which is optimal for performance) and had a lightly used 500G M2 SSD (I think this was probably replaced by the guy I bought it from). The memory and SSD are both way more than you need for Rock. I’ve added a new (and probably over priced) power supply bought from Intel’s UK distributer, which is the same as the ones supplied with NUCs.

There is space in the case for a SSD or HDD for media storage - I used a 2TB HDD for my testing, and ROCK ran very well, I assume because everything performance critical is kept on the SSD. I’m happy to install a drive if you’d like one if you cover the cost.

I think this is a good NUC to run Rock if you don’t mind the fan, and want to keep costs down.

I’ll sell for £250 plus postage and the cost of an extra SSD or HDD if you want one. I’m not open to offers at the moment.

I will ship with a fresh install of Rock, so this will be plug and play.
(BTW If you’re looking for a higher spec or fanless machine please take a look here.