FS: Intel NUC8i3BEK2 with Roon ROCK pre-installed

Has a 250 GB SSD and 16 GB RAM total. I suggest adding external storage if it’s to be used for storing music in addition to core duties.

I think this little computer is totally hawt, but it is not silent, so I am unable to integrate it into my setup to replace my Mac Mini. The unit and power supply are in excellent condition.

The power supply will work anywhere in the world; just replace the Mickey Mouse cable with whatever fits your outlet. Comes with a continental Europe schuko cable.

I will ship anywhere in the world and I am asking €200 shipped. Tracked and partially insured. I accept PayPal.

Hi Kristian,
Do you know that you can purchase Akasa fanless case for such a NUC (Product Code: A-NUC45-M1B).
Then the NUC is making no noise and is totaly silent.
Kind regards, Frank.


Thank you, Frank. Yes, I am aware, but I am unwilling (and unable) to pour more money into this project, especially now that the Mac Mini has decided to work exactly as it should again. So I do not need this excellent little NUC.

I guess I can do €160 shipped.