FS: KEF LS50 - nearly new - MINT [SOLD]

Hi All,

I bought these to get through lockdown with my main system being in storage. They are barely a month old, were bought brand new by me from Peter Tyson and as such are still under warranty for some time.

Lovely gloss black and copper / rose gold finish, imho the classiest looking combination for the ls50

They are boxed, utterly unmarked and barely old enough to have been broken in. These should be considered as good as a brand new pair at fairly significant discount. I haven’t even put them on stands or used the sticky pads, they sat on two microfiber cloths on my desk, so they are without a single mark that would identify them as anything other than new.

I move back into a flat next week and will have my own speakers back, so will likely be putting these up for sale.

Anyone interested at £600 and I will throw in the postage (to mainland UK). Will also throw in a couple of metres of cable.

All sold now.

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