The twice I’ve put kit up here for sale it’s then sold very quickly on eBay. Can we make it 3 out of 3!

So, I have a pair of small KEF RDM One stand mounts I no longer need. Good condition - drivers great, the gloss wood sides are lovely. Owned by me for 8 years

They’re spiritual grandaddys to the £1,300 R3. They don’t go that low but what’s there has great clarity. I’ve used them both with and without a small sub. Divine with - for the price a giant killer system. Really good without too. And they’re designed for use up against a rear wall, unlike most speakers.

Asking £175 + £20 postage (insured)

I’m in the UK. No original boxes but I can package them well. Or if you happen to be near Plymouth in the SW we can arrange to meet up somewhere.

Happy to provide photos - there are 12 on the eBay listing but I can do more. Any questions just ask

Thanks, Phil

Bloomin heck, it worked - sold today on eBay!