FS: Logitech Transporter (Original version with Transnav knob)

I am selling my Slim Devices Logitech Transporter media player. This is the original Transporter with the Transnav Knob (not the SE version). I am the original owner. I bought it new. The unit is in pristine condition. No dents or scratches. The color of the unit is black.

As you all know, this is a Roon-ready device that can be used as a Roon end-point. It also has a built in DAC and volume control so you can connect it to your amps directly without having to use a separate preamp and use its volume to control the sound.

It has numerous inputs and output options. Digital inputs/outputs: Optical (TOSLINK), Coax (S/PDIF), BNC (S/PDIF), AES/EBU Balanced. Analog outputs: RCA and Blanaced (XLR). It has an Ethernet connection but can also be used with WIFI (wireless). You can add a separate World Clock Input if desired. You can set it up to work as a wireless bridge as well.

Overall unit is a 8/10 for age alone otherwise, this unit is flawless.