FS: Meridian MS200 (Roon End Point) + Power Adapter

Media Source 200 is a simple way to add an additional zone to an existing Meridian Digital Media System. It can be connected direct to Meridian DSP Loudspeakers using SpeakerLink, which can also power the unit.

The MS 200 can access any of the facilities of a Meridian Digital Media System, including playing back selections from the media library, internet radio and Rhapsody (where available), and other sources. Supports up to 96 Khz/24 bit.

EUR 200 shipped to Europe. PayPal only. I currently have two MS200’s, but moved to a smaller house recently and therefore need only one — that’s why I’m selling.

More information: Media Source 200: Support | Meridian Audio

EDIT: I’ve included the Meridian Power Adapter.

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Bump. Includes Meridian Power Adapter.