FS: Metrum Acoustics Hex, NOS DAC [Sold]

Deeply regretfully selling my beloved Hex :cry: 'cause of the DSD illness I was recently affected by :rolling_eyes:
(original plan was to keep it and just switch DAC depending on what was playing, but soon found it only leads to headaches :angry: )

  • Hex is one year old and in mint condition
  • USB board is the latest Combo Amanero 384 and… yes: this unit does play 24/384KHz tracks
    (not all units can do it, that’s why official specs state up to 24/192KHz)
  • has the optional AES-EBU board too
  • unit is 240v
  • must check but… pretty sure I have the original box

asking €1750 + ev. shipping
(shipping from Milan, Italy and no idea how much it will be. let’s say included in asking price if less/up to… €50)

thanks for watching :stuck_out_tongue:

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ok, so… in the end I just bought an headphones amplifier and I’m now using the Hex + HA as a dedicated, “secondary”, system :slight_smile: (sounds just great, btw :wink: )

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