FS: Micromega MyAmp [SOLD]

I’ve been enjoying this little gem for a few years, but decided to upgrade, hence it is for sale. This one is dark grey, and comes in its original remote, power cord, and box.

$225 with free shipping to CONUS

Compact and refined, this integrated AMP/DAC sounds much better than one would expect for such a small device. You can check out its specs here:

Here’s what HiFi Choice said in its review of the MyAmp:

“Micromega has always been a purveyor of unusual and quirky products – it’s a long way from the rather bland, predictable and generic designs you often see coming from Japan, for example. So it was never any surprise that the MyAmp was going to be an interesting little box, and so it proves. In addition to its clever industrial design, the unit appears to have been built very well to do the job for which it is purposed. The small, robust case doesn’t get too hot even at high volumes, and is just big enough to house an amplifier able to drive most real-world loudspeakers to reasonable sound levels – and indeed, it tickles them in a really enjoyable and charming way. The Gallic flair that the aesthetic and ergonomic design shows also applies to the way it makes music. Despite giving an engaging sound, it remains surprisingly refined; sophistication such as this is unexpected from a product of this price. If you’re looking for a compact amplifier to make music in your study, bedroom or kitchen I can think of few that are better than this.”

I will take it if still for sale.
Sending pm