FS: miniDSP hardware Room Correction with Dirac

If anyone is interested I have a miniDSP for sale that I have no further use for.

Which model minidsp are you selling?


The miniDSP DDRC-22D/A

Bought as the digital version but I also have the analogue boards/front which are very easy to swap out so it can be used in either format as suits

See here for details


Mint condition with UMK-1 USB mic included


I’m interested but if possible without mic. I got one.

@Miroslaw_Szczepanski PM me an offer.

I’m not too far from you so we could possibly meet

Many thanks


Yes I know you are close but… You have PM.

You can exchange information via private message. Just click on the user’s icon and select message.

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Wow! So good, so nice! Thank you very much :innocent:

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Still available?



SOLD :slight_smile: