FS: Naim NDX 2 Streamer [SOLD]

I have decided to embark of a couple of upgrades and am considering selling on my Naim NDX2 (which is just under a year old) to part fund them.
If anyone is interested please message me for details/photos/pricing etc.

Hi. I just got an NDX2… I’m curious what your impressions are of the NDX2 and what you’re thinking of upgrading to… thanks!

Hi Faisal, I won’t want to get involved in long debates in the community about my proposals but that said I have no problems with the NDX 2, in fact I have been very pleased with performance and SQ.
I purchased a Chord Hugo TT2 primarily to drive my headphones (present & future) and decided to hook it up to my power amp to check it out. I was surprised to discover the detail and sound-staging were far more appealing to my ears than the Naim. The detail in some systems might be slightly too much for listeners but it works for me, revealing things I had not previously heard.

I realise that there are PSU upgrades for the Naim but felt £5k+ for a power supply, and whatever benefits it brings, was little out of my range (especially with aging ears :wink:).
Since my initial post I have decided to go for the M Scaler to compliment the Hugo, which will be my last outlay for streamers (at least that’s the plan, that said there is the Dave :grin:).
So, to conclude, the NDX 2 is up for sale and I’ll need to do some serious advertising or i’ll need to give up food.


I have decided to definitely sell my NDX 2 as I am extremely happy with my Chord devices.
I purchased the Device late April 2020 and due unforeseen personal circumstances it hasn’t really burned in having only been used around 10 (or less) hours per month.

I am looking for around £4200 but will consider offers (postage/delivery excluded).

I’m happy to provide photos on request but the device is unmarked.




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