FS: Nordost Valhalla v2 AES/EBU, 1.25m [SOLD]

Valhalla v2 AES/EBU 1.25m cable. Used between my server and DAC in a dedicated listening room/home theater. My home is pet-free, smoke-free, and child-free. Outstanding cable, one of the best AES/EBU cables at any price. Selling only because I’m changing servers and my new server does not have an AES output. The blemish you see in one of the photos is purely cosmetic, caused by the authorized dealer. Priced accordingly.

I have a 100% rating on USAudioMart (frombhto323), on Audiogon (asindc), and on eBay (asindc). Buyer pays shipping and all transaction fees.


I don’t think I saw a price?

A kidney. :slight_smile:

I have two. I can spare one.

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My apologies. Price just added.

I like the box. Real wood.

Sold. Moderators, please close.