$210 + actual shipping

This is a BXNUC10i7FNH with ROCK already installed.

The two USB-A sockets on the back of the NUC sometimes work perfectly, but sometimes won’t work at all. The USB-A socket on the front seems fine (use a breakout box). The USB-C on the front and the Firewire on the back work perfectly.

Otherwise, as new.




This won’t last long, a real deal.


16gb? SSD? Thanks

Some pictures please? Thanks

Will post some today.

No takers? Going to eBay.

16gb? SSD? Thanks

Please post the specs inside. How much ram and SSD?

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Keep asking even PM him. No luck.

I don’t recall how much ram or hdd. Now that ROCK is installed, I don’t know how to find out.

I seem to recall that this came to me new with Windows 10 installed - 16 RAM and 1TB SSD. If anyone can coach me through how to find out for sure (without having to reinstall Windows, please), I’ll be happy to check and let you know.

Accessing the web UI for the Roon Rock should reveal the size of the HDD.
But I fear you would need to open it up to verify ram , and of course if you are going to do that , well you can check the HDD while at it.
Maybe someone knows a way through software without Windows?

They are designed to be very easy to open - just unscrew those 4 screws on the base.

Then you should be able to check.

I opened the setup screen on my NUC. It says it has an Intel i7 @ 1.1GHz and 16 Mb RAM. It says it has a storage device, but doesn’t give me the size or type. I’ll open the case & see what I can see.

OK - I opened the case, and the Installed drive is a 1.92 TB SSD.


So an i7 with 16gb ram and 2tb HDD installed along with ready to run Rock.
Quite a deal if I may say so!

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How much to ship to 28704? Thanks

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Rock installed, just connect ethernet, turn on Nuc, open Roon app on iPad and login? Thanks

Here’s the breakdown:

NUC = $210
Shipping to 28704 via USPS Priority mail = $12.55
Insurance = $2.45
PayPal fee = $6.75

TOTAL = $231.75

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Exactly. Just hook it up - authorize your Roon install with your serial # and it runs.

How to open Roon rock on Nuc? Or Roon auto run when you turn on Nuc? Thanks