I’m redoing my secondary setup, so my little NUC is surplus to requirements:


Comes with original power supply and packaging. Makes for a nice and complete ROCK Core (ROCK installed at request).

What’s fair? €250+shipping anyone? (EU preferred).


Hi. I’m possibly interested in this. Couple of naive questions (sorry):

  1. If it comes to me with ROCK installed, how do I make it my Roon Core, which is on my laptop at the moment? Do I just plug the NUC into router via ethernet, do the same with my laptop, and then its easy to port across? Virtually all of my library is streamed so there ought to be no capacity issues.

  2. Is it ok to ship to UK? Does it come with UK or Euro PSU?

Thank you very much for your time. Appreciate it.

Hey @Jonny_O

Shipping to England is OK with me, but I can only send it ‘as is’ – not sure if you’ll be hit with import duties, taxes or other fees post-Brexit.

The NUC comes with a power brick with a standard C13 connection – you’d just need a bog standard UK cable like this:

As for migrating your current core: make a backup of you Roon database on the old machine and restore it to the NUC ROCK at its first screen after connecting to it from Roon. More info here:

Any other questions – fire away! :slight_smile:

Hi Rene (sorry, I don’t know how to do the accent on the e)

That’s all very helpful thank you. I don’t really have a problem with any of that, but you make a very good point about taxes, etc which makes me a little nervous. Another reason not to like Brexit! I’ll do some digging and see what I can find, and perhaps come back to you. In the meantime, thanks again, good luck with the sale and maybe we can do business together.

Best wishes



Hi Rene

Just to say, I’ve looked at the customs rules and it seems quite risky/difficult/potentially expensive. So I will leave it on this occasion with some regret. Thanks for your help and I hope it sells soon.

Best wishes, and good luck with your new set up!

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All well – no-one’s any happier if a nasty surprise pops up. Thanks for checking in!

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Now sold – thanks for watching!