FS: Nucleus i3 complete with 2TB Internal SSD [SOLD]

Selling my Nucleus with an internal 2TB SSD and will also supply a pen drive for backup. The Nucleus was purchased 04/06/2018 from Analogue Seduction and is in perfect condition. It will also come in its original packaging. I did have this posted previously a few weeks ago but withdrew it from the sale however as I now have sold all my Bluesound endpoints and acquired an HomePod it is now back on sale. Happy to use Roon Lifetime on my iMac as I now live in a smaller property. £750 inc p&p.

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Hi Terry
Could be really interested in this !
Does Roon transfer warranty & support to the new owner ?
We would need to organise logistics and payment which we are both comfortable with, perhaps PM me.
Kind Regards

Hi Jas,

Tried to PM you but was unable to do so as the send box was greyed out!. Could be because you only joined 7 Hours ago?. Regards, Terry.

Hi Terry Think Ive just sent you a pm
Cheers Jason

Hi Terry, is this still for sale or did you get a deal done? Thanks Tim

Hi Tim,

Still for sale. I think the previous enquiry was under the impression this Nucleus is the + version and just to make it clear it is the i3 version I have for sale. My fault as the heading is giving a mixed message and could have worded it better and for that I apologise. Regards, Terry.

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For clarification, is this the original revision A model?

What brand/model SSD is included?

This item is now sold. Thank you.