FS: Nucleus Plus, gently used

Bought new from Roon store in February. No issues, I just moved my core to new hardware and it’s now redundant. Includes original box and all accessories, and optionally a USB 3.0 adapter.
Message me right here.

Update: I got a couple of responses asking about price, so here’s more info: I paid $2559 for it new, and I’ll take any offer in the neighborhood of $2000 for it. Would prefer to ship within the US.

Unless you’re giving it away for free (in which case I’ll take it), you might want to put a price on it :grinning:. Any geographical restrictions or are you selling worldwide?

Hi there, I added some price info to my original post, please see my update. Where would you have it shipped? Thanks for your interest.

Is this still available for sale?

Hi there, yes it is still available.

Great! I’m interested. What’s the best way to discuss?

Hi Lew
If you click on Vince’s Avatar you will see the option to Message. You can then have a DM conversation without it being public.

Thanks, I wasn’t seeing the message button. Got it now. Much appreciated

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