FS: PARADIGM SERVO-15 (powered) subwoofer [SOLD]

We are using the subwoofer in trade toward other equipment; it no longer for outright sale.

Just testing to see if there is interest. The unit is in storage. Please ignore the dust.

We have, but are not using, a Paradigm Servo-15 subwoofer. I think the finish is (cannot recall) cherry. Original box (etc). We ordered the optional x-over X-30. The wall-wart for the cross over works perfectly but the plastic housing of the wall wart has cracks and chips in it. E-bay had the pair fairly recently in the $600+ range. One currently at $799 w/o crossover plus $80 shipping.

We want $400 plus shipping (PayPal for “friends,”) and it is very heavy…very…so the shipping could be pricey.

Please: continental U.S. and prefer the Southeast (we are in Georgia) to minimize shipping risk.