FS: Resonessence Invicta Mirus Signature Pro

(Jeff) #1

I’m selling my recently upgraded Invicta Mirus Signature Pro. The unit is in mint shape with the upgrade screen protector still on.

$4000 US

Unit is $7850US new. Shipping and paypal fees extra. I have all the original accessories and box along with the shipping brown box for extra protection.

Here’s the latest review on the regular Mirus Pro, not the newer Signature.

My CAM profile for reference:


(David Orgel) #2

I’m shocked, shocked. :wink: What are you replacing it with?

(Jeff) #3

Added my CAM profile for reference.

(Jeremy) #4

If I didn’t already have a Benchmark DAC 3 (which has the same chip and similar specs), I would be really interested. What replaced it?

(Jeff) #5

I’ll take $4000 for it.

(Anders Strengberg) #6

Hi Jeff @DrTone

I shall buy a new Dac and after reading Darko.Audio…
So am I really sure that this may be, the last Dac I have to buy :+1:.
But the USD is much to high, against the SEK for the moment!
So I have to think about and hope that it’s, still for sale when I have think’d finished :slight_smile:.

All the best