FS: Roon Nucleus [SOLD]

I’m selling an almost new (6 months), as-new condition Nucleus for 20% off ($1100). I’ve switched from Tidal to Amazon HD on my Node 2i, which sounds just fine to my 67 year old ears. Please PM if interested.

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Is this still available? I"m interested in knowing more if it is- did you install a memory drive if so what size ? Does it come with box and packing etc and what’s it’s condition, thanks

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Yes, still available. Did not install additional memory. It’s in as-new condition — I realized in 2-3 weeks I prefer to use an iPhone or iPad rather than a computer to control what I listen to, so couldn’t make full use of Roon’s capability.
Don’t have the original packaging, but happy to box securely and Fedex or UPS.

hi. is this still available?

Sorry, it’s sold.