FS: Sennheiser HD 560S Headphones and Schiit Magni Heresy Headphone Amp [SOLD]

For sale is a set of the Sennheiser HD 560S headphones in like new condition. I received them in April of 2021. They were purchased direct from Sennheiser. I did not use them much and they probably are not even broken in. I paid $200 plus shipping for them. Why am I selling? I just don’t like them. My favorite pair of Headphones are my Grado RS2e. The Sennheiser are different from the Grado in a way that I don’t like. There is nothing wrong with them. I am just being honest. I don’t like them. I will include a Shiit Magni Heresy headphone amp. It’s a great device I have had for a year but replaced it with a Schiit Magnius Headphone amp because I liked the Magni very much but wanted a balanced input and output. The Magni was $100. That will get you into headphones if you don’t have a rig today or it will just add to your already existing collection. I am asking $175 for the package. I will pay for shipping to anywhere in the CONUS and I will pay the PayPal fees. This is a USA Only sale please. Pictures available upon request but honestly the pictures look the same as the online pictures on the Sennheiser and Schiit web sites. Both are like new. I have all the original boxes and manuals. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Lowball offers will be ignored and will not be responded to.


I will take them at that @John_Aiello .
Pm on its way

Well I can’t figure out how to pm you as it says your profile is hidden and gives me zero options to message you.
Oh well, feel free to message me @John_Aiello
Thank you

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Sorry. I didn’t know about the profile. My PayPal address is [email address removed by moderators]

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Money coming right up John

Sent via PayPal friends so no fees to you on this one.
However that usually means PayPal does not show you my address as it assumes we know all that.
So message me and I will send it to you

Got it. Thanks. I will email you tracking info after I ship the items. Thanks.

Yes, I need your address.

Either message me here or email me at the address the payment showed John.

Not putting it out on this forum…lol

These items are now sold

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