FS: Sennheiser HD800S

Very good condition (although one side of the adjustable headband doesn’t quite click into place as securely as the other, which I have not found to be a problem at all.)

Only selling for domestic reasons - I need and now have closed back ‘phones.

Brand new headband cushion.

Looking for £750 (postage, if needed, extra). N. Lancs.

Please message for full details.

Bump. To try and avoid the hassle of EBay, £700 + postage. (No further offers.)

They are a bargain at that price!

Best regards

Clembo is this a pair of HD800S or a pair of the HD800’s? Big difference that “S”.

Ah! Thanks for pointing out the ambuiguity. I have changed the title but for the sake of clarity, they are HD800S headphones.

Nothing like shooting oneself in the foot!


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Are they still for sale?

Yes they are.


Last knockings on these before they go to auction.