FS: Singer SU-1 USB Digital to Digital Converterx [SOLD]

For Sale a Singxer SU-1 USB Digital to Digital Converter.

Condition: 9/10
Price: $150 shipped anywhere in the US.
New: They sell for $339
Payment: PayPal

I used it primarily to take USB audio from a ShieldTV Pro and output Coax to a Headphone AMP/DAC for night-time listening.

USB2.0 input with XLR Balanced Output AES, Coaxial RCA and BNC, I2S and WCLK clock output.

Each output interface supports sampling rates:
44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz,
176.4KHz, 192KHz, 352.8KHz, 384KHz
(I2S support all sampling rate,S/PDIF support upper to 192KHz

2.8 MHz (DSD64)-DoP, native
5.6 MHz (DSD128)-DoP, native
11.2 MHz (DSD256)-native
(I2S output support all DSD,S/PDIF,AES/EBU support DSD64 DOP mode)

Bits width:
the highest 32 bit over I2S output
The highest 24 bit over S/PDIF

Between these three links, you should be able to answer all of your technical questions.

  1. Singxer SU-1 : BLACK -USB Digital to Digital Converter XMOS XU208 CCHD575 CPLD DSD256 DOP – FREE SHIPPING WITH COUPON CODE : SINGXER | Kitsune HiFi - HoloAudio USA
  2. SU-1 XMOS USB Audio Bridge - 广州声仕电子有限公司
  3. Singxer SU-1 USB digital interface with XMOS XU208 CPLD DSD512 DOP

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Price lowered to $175.

Price lowered to $150.

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