FS: Solidrun Cubox i4Pro

Makes a nice tidy endpoint. Detailed specs here: https://shop.solid-run.com/product/SRMX6QDWT1D02GE008X00CE/

I like Cubox because the Ethernet and USB aren’t on a shared bus, so there are no glitches or stuttering when streaming high rate material over ethernet, DSD256 in my case. WiFi is available but I can’t speak to its reliability for audio. This device is perhaps best suited to an experienced software tinkerer. If that’s you, options such as a minimal install of Armbian or Arch Linux Arm work well.

NAA for HQPlayer with the available Signalyst image is dead simple though. Write the image to a micro SD card, plug in the device and go.

Includes a blank 8gb micro sd card and the original 5v power supply.

$85 USD shipped to the US.
$110 CAD shipped in Canada.
Payment via paypal. I am happy to send an invoice for the buyer protection this provides.

I’m afraid the price is as firm as our exorbitant Canada Post rates.
Please contact me via the email in my profile. Cheers!