FS: SonicTransporter i5 ... [SOLD]

For sale is a Small Green Computer SonicTransporter i5. Purchased new in February of 2018. Mint condition. This is the current model, as shown at:

No internal drive, you can plug in an external USB drive or connect to a NAS. Includes stock power supply.

Great server for running Roon. Only selling because I upgraded to a Nucleus+.

Roon Server 1.6 is installed, but it does not come with a Roon license… you need to use your own license.

Currently lists for $895 I will sell for $450 including shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees.

I am interested. Is there anything new with the current model?

Nevermind my question. I understand you are selling the current model.

Correct, it is the model listed on the website.

Great. Then I am interested. What software is already installed?

It is running the most current OS, version 2.7, plus Roon Server 1.6 build 416, the Drive Mounter app which allows you to mount external USB and SAMBA (network) drives, and also Resilio Sync which is a P2P file sync and share solution which I never used. You can also download a variety of apps such as BubbleUPnP Server, Bliss, MinimServer, songkong, Squeezebox Server, Subsonic, etc.

Keep in mind that although Roon Server is installed, it does not come with a Roon license… you need to buy your own either annual or lifetime.

The one year parts and labor warranty is expired, but Andrew from Small Green Computer provides lifetime technical support for all his products. If you are already running Roon, all you need to do is restore from a backup. If this is your first time with Roon, just reinitialize the database and start from scratch.

SOLD. Mods, please lock it up.