FS: sonicTransporter i5. [SOLD]

I am selling the sonicTransporter i5 with 2TB internal spinner that I bought last year. I am selling it for $499 (USA Only with shipping and PayPal fees included). This is the current model and retails for $999 in this configuration. I love this unit and would not be selling it except that I am doing some stuff with DSD upsampling to higher rates with HQPlayer that the i5 can’t quite handle. I am buying a sonicTransporter i9 to replace it.

Andrew at Small Green Computer is incredible to deal with. The software updates are simple to manage through a web interface.

I don’t know that I have the original box it shipped in but it will be well packaged if I do not.

I am interested. I should have enough money next week.


I’ll take it. How do I pay ?


(Ten Chars)