FS: Sonore microRendu - v1.4 [SOLD]

Recent upgrade, sounds excellent. Great upgrade on the 1.3, plus additional functionality of 2.5 software. Looking for £650 plus delivery, all mint etc. I have LPS1, UpTone A-B adapter(s), ISO Regen, iFi power, Meanwell etc if needed for a bundle. I’d be interested to know how this compares to the ultraRendu but I doubt there’s too much in it (but then I would say that…). PM with Qs.

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As per SOtM, I know these products are excellent, so this must mean the price is wrong… So try me.

How about £575.

Try me for a Black Friday price?

£650? Mate it’s £660 new, from Vortexbox!

Yes, £660 for the 1.3 plus £250 for the upgrade, total £810 (plus postage), so 30% off retail give or take. Cyber Monday anyone?

Cyber Monday only £525 to include ifi power supply, plus a bit of postage…

Oh, didn’t realise. Well that makes it a pretty good deal then :slight_smile:

Still for sale…

Just for clarity, this is an upgraded original. So original $640 and the upgrade on top $235 (plus $10 for2.5) , total $895. I’m obviously not looking for that but there still seems to be some confusion about how to work out the list price of a 1.4 version.

Bump, price negotiable.

Would you let it go at 500£ ship to Bangkok, Thailand?

Sold. Awesome bargain.