FS: Sonore Sonicorbiter SE [Sold]

For sale is a slightly used Sonore Sonicorbiter SE. http://www.sonore.us/Sonicorbiter.html

As stock with the standard power supply and a minor modification: I converted the square opening around the optical port to round so that a standard optical cable can fit into it.

$150 US plus shipping. PayPal preferred.

Does it have version 2.5 of the software?

As Jesus has stated the Sonicorbiter uses different software than the Microrendu, so no. The device is loaded with the latest Sonicorbiter software and it will update when an update is next available assuming it is connected to the Internet.

I would like to buy this please , let me know how we now proceed as this is my first time buying anything on here

Yes I read this later…sorry about that.

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Did this sell?

Sale pending. Waiting for payment.